How can we help you?

DivineDraft is your smart assistant designed to save you time and effort in content creation allowing you to focus on the strategic aspects of your work.

DivineDraft understands your questions and generate text based on the inputs, patterns, information it receives.

What does that mean for you?

DivineDraft takes the pressure off of your content creation. You can:

  • Generate draft for:
    • Appeal Letters
    • E-blast
    • Website pages
    • Product Descriptions
  • Brainstorm Ideas for:
    • Content
    • Games
    • Quiz/Trivia Questions & Answers
  • Edit for:
    • Grammar
    • Tone
    • Wordiness (more or less wordy)
    • read-ability
  • When paired with our other products/services:
    • Give scores and rating to form responses
    • Automate giving tiers and campaign asks
    • Automate web-based workflows

Give it a try!

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