#FiveforFriday Series Launch!

Let’t be honest, working for the Church isn’t always easy. Rather you are a Church volunteer, work for a Diocese, are lay or vowed, or work for a religious organization, sometimes our jobs can be draining.¬†With Lent and the flurry of spring activities knocking on our door, it is easy to get overwhelmed, swamped, in the weeds, or just plain busy during the next few months.

I get it. While we appreciate the many blessings the Church can offer us, the work can still be difficult. Finding your own time to experience your faith can be a challenge. We get busy serving everyone else spiritually, that we often loose our own spirituality in the process.

In order for each of us to continually feel renewed in our vocation, it is important to make “me time.” As we approach Lent, we at Design Big Dreams will create five graphics for reflection on Fridays. We hope you can take some time with one or all of the graphics to reflect. Deep in your own thoughts or in prayer, we hope these graphics will offer some rejuvenation time to you!

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You are part of His team, His dream team. (1)

Remember, the Spirit is not just working through you, but the person sitting next to you.

As you grow older, you will discover you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others #FiveforFriday

Stop looking down. Do what He would do and look people in the eye...and smile

He came to the Garden. Find your Garden. Focus on God.