Pope Tweet Think

imageI am starting a new blog trend…taking a quote from the Pope’s twitter page, reflecting on it, and expressing some additional insight. I hope you will continue to reflect with me and offer some insight as well- all via social media! Follow me at @DBDKatie for more insight, blogs, resources, and more! 

Today, I am struct by what Pope Francis said August 2nd. We are about to begin the annual Parish Stewardship campaigns in Chicago. Each fall Parishes across the Chicago Archdiocese prepare their “planned offertory programs.” These programs include conversation on stewardship topics 3 weeks during October, typically. While I believe that we all need to find time once a year to reflect and tune into how we can be better stewards, I find that we overlook the times we showcase stewardship regularly throughout the year. We almost keep the stories of stewardship tucked away till October. To really understand stewardship and live it, means to understand what it takes to be a disciple and choose to live life in that way.

Pope Francis’ quote encouraging us to “get involved” is the invitation to discipleship. I can’t imagine one person he wouldn’t go up to to invite them into a discipleship way of life, can you? He invites all of us, just as all of us are invited to be leaders in our faith. We can not, as Pope Francis says, “suppress positive curiosity” at our Parishes. Engaging in a ministry that you have been curious about, volunteering for the soup kitchen, attending a Bible study or helping RCIA candidates prepare for their Sacraments yield, positive curiosity of our faith life. Through that exploration, we endeavor to dive deeper into our relationship with God and his plan for us. He believes in us as leaders of his Church. Pope Francis invites us into church leadership, which is joyously explored and lived.

I have a confession to make…I need to eat my own words over here. While I am pretty outgoing when it comes to my work life, I am very shy when it comes to my personal life at church. I am not typically the person who will walk into a “coffee and donuts-after mass” setting comfortably. Without knowing at least one person it is very intimidating…because it seems EVERYONE KNOWS each OTHER!

So, the one part that Pope Francis left out of this tweet is this message: sometimes to be positively curious means you have to be positively brave. Brave to enter into an environment not knowing anyone and also not knowing if you will embarrass yourself. Let us pray we have the courage and faith to trust that the faith community that we belong is open and welcoming. Let us remember we just have to be willing to explore, and God will help with the rest.