Are we spending too much time on Giving Tuesday?

I have been answering a lot of questions on Giving Tuesday recently. Should we send something out before the day-of? How often should we post on Giving Tuesday? Should we create pages on our website for it? Even more questions were answered over the last few weeks. So I wonder, are we spending too much time with Giving Tuesday?

Don’t get me wrong, the Giving Tuesday statistics are impressive:

  • 30,000+ Partners in 68 countries
  • Estimated 470% increase in online donations on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving since its inception in 2012
  • 15.4 BILLION global impressions in print and social media

Okay, so yes, you should probably be present and participate somehow on GivingTuesday. However, what I find interesting about this day of giving is how much time we spend in creativity, innovation, social-thinking and sharing, online processes and infrastructure, dynamic content creation, and the list goes on. All these tactics we are implementing for ONE day out of the year, makes me wonder what we could do if we leveraged these tools in all of our advancement efforts throughout the year! Why is one day worth all this time in creativity, when if we utilized these tactics throughout the year we would see our efforts double or triple overtime.

While I am handling the Giving Tuesday campaign for many clients and organizations I volunteer with, I am hoping we don’t forget the most important component of the campaign…the Thank You. Just as much as we plan our ask, we need to plan our thanks. Make sure you have a message ready and a beautiful graphic to accompany it on December 2nd!

Remember that with all the excitement and publicity around Giving Tuesday, you can leverage this excitement into your year-end giving plans. Don’t forget to thank your donors and participants and as always, continue to Dream Big!