#FFF Tackling the Wish List

It’s almost Halloween and I have no costume. I am not a huge Halloween fan anyway. I am one of those warm, cozy, egg-nog, non-frightening types. Anyway, while my daughter has about 3 costumes in rotation this month, I have none. Not even a good option. I find every October at the beginning of the month I add to my to-do list, “Get Halloween Figured Out. Stat.” And every year the week of Halloween, I haven’t figured it out. Now, I could come up with a variety of excuses, but here is the deal- Why do we make to-do lists when we don’t actually DO what is on them? I think it is because those big items, tend to be overwhelming.

I think important tasks on our “To-Do’s” could get accomplished if we change the way we do them.

  1. Make sure you date your to-do list AND provide a date for the completion of the tasks.
  2. Stop daydreaming about the tasks and how/when you could get it done…and just plan out the project in smaller chunks.

I think if I would have tackled the Halloween costume in shorter segments it would have been done by now. Maybe one Saturday searching on Pinterest for costume ideas, then another day checking out the local Party City store, and finally actually deciding and purchasing/creating the outfit. We get overwhelmed by some tasks that require a good chunk of our time at once. For example- I could spend a whole day just thinking about Halloween costumes. However, if I broke the task up during the month- it wouldn’t suck up so much time all at once.

This example is perfect for those items on our to-do lists…the long list of donors we want to call, the review of our website content, the data we want to review, all these items tend to add up and without a good deadline and plan for getting it done in small chunks- it won’t!

Try it out with a couple of items on your list this week!

…get ready to be surprised!