What is on the horizon?

I know I have been MIA the last couple of weeks…FFF was great in concept and then my Fridays turned into Mondays, which turned into Tuesday…which turned into, oh no, Fridays. Either way- some thoughts for the upcoming week:

This week I visited a great religious organization in New York. They are an international group that is focused on service in areas of great need. They have an incredible sense of Mission, loyalty, service, strength and courage. They have met with some interesting challenges along the way. From infrastructure issues to slowly becoming more digital internally and externally- these challenges are being tackled one at a time.

What I find incredibly hopeful and inspirational is the fact that I presented them with two new digital platforms and without hesitation, and really without too much push from me, they signed up and are excited to explore new digital platforms. We aren’t just talking getting setup on Pinterest here; these opportunities I presented were foreign, unknown, and never done before in their organization  or any similar organization.

Catholic crowd-funding. App technology. (insert mic drop)

This organization is NOT close to having a well run content marketing team, email marketing program, or influencer-type social media presence, however, they were not afraid to take on communication tools that might increase their ability to bring their supporters from the digital space to the physical space.

I will of course be blogging later about both of these concepts that Design Big Dreams is excited about, but for now- lets explore those unknown opportunities that we have on our “To Do” list we haven’t tacked….

What are some of those “big dreams” ideas you have that you haven’t had the time to explore? Let’s do it together!