Do your landing pages convert? …wait, convert what!?

Too many times we are running into a conversation with a new client during our presentation of a new web design and we talk about conversion from the homepage into action, while getting blank stares right back at us. They are thinking, “Conversion? Like, spiritual conversion!?” Okay, hold on a second-we are talking about the user moving from consumer of content to inspired to act. The first step in this conversion process is changing our mindset and behavior. Yes, we do want to expect some response from our users, not just a look for an address and go. We need to do more to virtually open our doors to participation.

Let’s think deeper here…what are the actions you are hoping new users will perform when they come to your site for the first time?

  • To contact you about becoming a Member or joining the Parish?
  • How about contributing or setting up an automatic gift?
  • Maybe you would like them to sign up to volunteer at the annual Festival?

Whatever your priorities for action may be, make sure that within the first 7 seconds they are on your homepage that you are making it easy for them to participate.

Need an example?

  • Try a bold new graphic for your scroller
  • Move around some of the primary content “above the fold” of your website
  • Try to minimize your homepage- less is more!

More and more sites we are developing are creating engaging first impressions, while focusing on the participation process- make sure you reach out to us to learn how to get yours moving in the right direction!