#FFF Let’s Start Talking Email Marketing…

Okay, I may have missed #FFF from 3/27, so I am catching up now!

Lately we have been receiving lots of requests for help for regarding email marketing. So, I have decided to devote the next 5 weeks to discussing email marketing…or however many it takes. Let’s start with the basics: your list…j/k your list is not actually the first basic tool for email marketing. Your reasons and goals for email marketing are first.

Before you get started or even send out one more email next week. Answer these questions:

1. What message am I trying to send?

2. Why is this message important to this audience?

3. Did everyone opt-in to receiving this message?

4. What am I hoping to gain from sending this email? (link shares, donations, sign up, etc.)

Seriously, think about those questions. Here are some more thoughts/answers that correspond to the above questions:

1. If you don’t actually know what you are going to say when you press “send”…no need to say anything! Don’t email just to email; have something of value first.

2.  Are you sending out messages to your entire list because it is easier than figuring out how to segment the list? Please stop this practice now. Don’t make your users filter thru the loads of information in your email. Send what is pertinent to them.

3. Please follow this one  simple rule: If they did not opt-in, don’t send to them! Please people, please. Just because you have done an email append of your database, and they sent an “opt-out” letter does NOT mean that your list is a “go for launch.” (more on this topic later)

4. Don’t make it just about pushing information, ask something from them in return when you can.


…get ready to be surprised!