Popular Facebook Question and Article!!

I get asked this question ALL the time:

Should I invest time and money (paid advertising) in Facebook?

Thank you to Allyson Kapin from Frogloop for a much needed reality check:

“It’s no secret that Facebook manipulates its algorithm to favor the content users see, but Facebook has changed its algorithm so much that Facebook pages now only reach 2% of their followers. That means 98% of the people who “Liked” your FB page don’t see the content UNLESS your organization pays Facebook to boost a post, buy a Facebook ad, etc.”

(Read more: http://www.frogloop.com/care2blog/2015/1/7/new-study-investing-in-facebook-is-a-waste-of-time.html#ixzz3OwHA93bA)


Real conversation:

You: “But, Katie, don’t you think that we appear in the individuals “News Feed” if they like us? Just like all their “friends” posts?”

Me: “Ummmm…no. We are the “Science Fair Project of the Year” for Facebook. Their algorithms always change…and guess what- not to the advantage of non-paying organizations!


Some insight to chew on…I encourage you to read more!

“Brian Boland, a Facebook Vice President who oversees marketing of ad products, said Facebook surveyed hundreds of thousands of users, who complained that they were bombarded with useless promotional posts in their news feeds. While some of those useless posts were paid ads, about 2/3 of them were posts from brand pages. To appease users, Facebook decided to downgrade their chances of showing up in the news feed.”

(Read more: http://www.frogloop.com/care2blog/2015/1/7/new-study-investing-in-facebook-is-a-waste-of-time.html#ixzz3OwHn2Wk2)