Choosing to be uncomfortable

Watch this:


So, this guy probably doesn’t remember who I am. In fact, his sister who rushed my sorority in college might not even remember me. Either way, we crossed paths at some parties at Loyola and became Facebook “friends.” Now, Loyola has produced some pretty amazingly talented alumni, but I have been watching this guy thru his recent efforts with the nonprofit DigDeep via his Facebook wall. (Yes, the victory of social media keeps you in contact with people who are mere acquaintances, but whom you can reference in your blog years later-ha!) Long story short, I feel this guy is pretty inspiring!

He posed the question in the video (if you watched, which if you haven’t, you

What does it look like to get uncomfortable?

He questioned the audience to be uncomfortable. To do things and pick opportunities that they will come across that might be uncomfortable, awkward, scary, or unknown. Of course, I had to ask myself, “How am I ever uncomfortable…wait, don’t i avoid being uncomfortable?”

I like my home. Darren and I have a beautiful daughter that attends a great daycare. We have a nice car, nice things, nice family life. We both enjoy our careers/school (my husband, Darren, is in law school). Overall, I think we are pretty comfortable. Can we push ourselves to be more uncomfortable?

How does this relate to the work we do at Design Big Dreams (aka…where are you going with this Katie?)

How many times have you felt uncomfortable with one of the contemporary website designs Anthony has shared with you? The thought of the slider being too large, although industry standards are pushing slider design in that direction? How about the request we get that asks for a “Welcome Letter” to take up prime real estate on the homepage because “we” are convinced that it makes the community more welcoming, when in fact the “Welcome Letter”  is one of the lowest, if not the lowest clicked on homepage item.

What about the social media universe? Quite frankly, I am constantly bombarded with requests to find ways to engage via social media, but when I turn to Pastoral Leadership everyone is always hesitant. Social media platforms make the religious community, particularly Catholic churches uncomfortable. 


When we take a moment to examine our own lives, work and business, how are we pushing the uncomfortable? How are we taking those awkward or uncomfortable situations and leveraging them for social good? For community’s good? I would like to bet that some of the most awkward, scary and incredibly uncomfortable situations that Jesus/apostles/Pope Francis (I am sure you can add to this list)  found themselves in were also some of the most inspiring and rewarding…thoughts?

When were you last uncomfortable…what did you do?