What’s the fastest way to get your information to your audience?

The answer is simple: think website first!

Not your bulletin, that’s only once a week. Not in a print flyer. Website? Yes, well if you work with great “updaters” like us. Social media? Sure. Eblast? Yhup! It is time to embrace utilizing the web communication tools effectively!

The other day a client and I were discussing the new pattern of behavior that has unfolded at their organization because of their new website. Instead of thinking about the once a week bulletin or email blast, this individual has had to pause and remind herself that the website is quicker. Web communication must be first. Here is an example that I find all too common at our parishes or organizations:

You are thinking bulletin first. Bulletin must go out by Wednesday/Thursday each week and once you compile that information, you will then compile it to send to DBD for the website and eblast.

This pattern of thinking is not going to work. It is absolutely going to waste all the time and resources that have been channeled into your new website and its development process. You have access to on-demand information. Your audience wants on-demand information. Make the new tools and resources work for you. Instead of compiling everything one day a week, update the site daily. When it is time to fill your bulletin or newsletter, have those print pieces be driven by the web and then by what you want to promote. Let your audience tell you what they want to hear. We run into the same situation over and over again- if you are willing to invest in your web community, then start thinking about that web community first and all the many ways that tool can benefit your audience.