Advice from the President

This video describes my Lenten journey:

  • Treat everyone like it is their Birthday.
  • Forgive the mess ups
  • Some days you get ice cream, some days you don’t
  • There are plenty of reasons to dance, you just gotta look for them
  • You should give people high-fives just for getting out of bed

Try this…take a breath

Sometimes all we need is perspective from someone else, from a child. I am not sure if you have watched any of these “Kid President” videos, but they are pretty uplifting and amazing. My friend posted this video on her Facebook page and I couldn’t ignore how relevant I thought it was to my Lenten journey. Kid President brought up so many points that guide us through a Lenten journey- being a better you, a better friend, co-worker, family member etc.

Those of us in ministry life wear so many hats and offer so much of ourselves in service to others that we don’t take time to minister to ourselves. I have found that a little “Kid President” pep talk now and then helps refocus my work. I know we are all striving to bring our ministry or services to those searchers and seekers out there, especially during this Lenten Season, but we can’t forget about ourselves.

So, as Kid President would suggest, do something awesome today:

1. Look around your office, find someone that can use a “high-five” and give them one!

2. Tell your Pastor you are “Glad he is here”…I am sure they don’t hear that enough

3. Forgive the mess ups!

Remember in all his Wisdom: Love is louder, even if hate has a bullhorn, LOVE is LOUDER