Happy Ash Wednesday!

First off, happy Ash Wednesday! I know this is the beginning of a long journey in our faith, but it is also that time were have to remember to breath. For us this is one of the happiest days of the year because it marks that the point were everything for the start of Lent needed to be in place or will be in the next day or two. With that in mind, I wanted to share a couple interesting tid-bits about our service.

This past week we handled 233 tickets!  Just as a frame of reference, we typically only handle approximately 140 tickets per week. Thats a 57% increase this week! Needless to say its been a fun week at DBDHQ. What is really fantastic is that we are quickly approaching 200o tickets. If you recall, I wrote about when we completed our 1000th ticket (January 28). It took nearly 9 weeks to get to that point. We are going to hit 2000 only 5 weeks later!

I realize this little article could sound like a very polite complaint, but it’s not. In fact, its a celebration! It is a shows that you, our clients, are using our services, and you are using when you need it the most. There are clearly not enough hours in the day to get everything prepared for the Lenten Season, and we are so happy that we can lighten the load for our journey to the Lord rising. That is why we are here.

Keep up the wonderful work that you do, and help guide us to Easter. We will be there right with you to help in every way we can.