5 Reasons Why Your “Donate Now’ Button Isn’t Working

1. If you only have 10 seconds to capture their attention, at least 2-3 seconds should be committed to the ease of contributing. A “Donate Button” is always preferred over linked text.

Need more proof: You Have 10 Seconds to Grab Their Attention

2. Embed the “Donate Now” process or you are still in 2006.  Do not send people to third party vendors, it is just not necessary. If your third party vendor doesn’t even know how to iframe in or work with you on your branding (cause let’s be honest, you know when they “create the page to look like your website” that it never does) you have to reevaluate the relationship.

Need more proof: Infographic: Raise more on YOUR page from Network for Good

3. Clean and user-friendly page. If it takes more than 2-3 clicks to make the donation, that is problem. If I have to put in 30+ fields of information (unless I am registering my child for school) we have a problem

Need more proof: Donation Page Grader: Network for Good

4. I am not a huge fan of giving levels on a donation page, I think they are appropriate for quick/seasonal appeals, but not for Annual Campaigns. I would keep your options open, but if you would like more information- see the link below.

Need more proof: Choosing Giving levels: Idealware

5. We need to do a better job with “Thank You” landing pages. When the donor is completed with the transaction, lets make sure they are on your site (they never should have left), there is an imapct of the gift story, a way to contact the org, a Thank you note, a video, social media links etc. Just something to make sure you are acknowledging their gift, but more or less telling them what their gift has done for the organization.

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