Preparing Lent

Lent is right around the corner and we have a variety of ideas to share with you to help engage your communities. From creating separate web pages, to changing the coloring on your website, it is time to experience Lent online!

Here are some suggested Lenten themes and ideas:

  • RCIA- Commonly we forget that we are entering into our community new faces, so how are we welcoming them? Praying for them? Listening to them? Commonly a space for RCIA/RCIC on your site during Lent is a great way to welcome them into your community, while engaging the whole community. Maybe it is a listing of the candidates and catechumens, maybe it is a testimonial from each, or maybe it is as simple as a prayer for them and the group photo.
  • Have a fun “Holy Week” quiz! St Thomas the Apostle in Peoria highlighted this quiz on their Lenten Resources pages  and it was a quick and easy way to offer a fun online activity!
  • St Thomas the Apostle also designed a pretty engaging layout of resources and links that were particular to the Lenten Season. Check their page from last year here. 
  • Interested in outside links (although we do prefer to house information from your talented staff…and your website is more screen friendly than the other website most likely)? Here are some common resources and links:

American Catholic 
Creighton University
Catholic News Agency
Loyola Press

Do you have some you would like to share with us? 

  • Need some ideas for graphics or artwork?