The “Highs” of our Lives

I just recently stumbled across this article called The Builders High, and it hit home for me. I think it is so interesting how our society lives in a set of series of short moments that aren’t even theirs. When we consume all of these moments, it artificially satisfies our needs for productivity. Although the author doesn’t explicitly say it, I started thinking about how these moments are like the empty calories we get from soft drinks. Sure they taste great, but at the end they aren’t very filling.

For the author, he gets his high from writing good, meaningful blog posts. I think that is fantastic because I don’t quite have that same passion. For me, one of my big highs  comes from completing a tough web project. I look at what I’ve created and say to myself,  “look what I’ve done.”  I take a great deal of pleasure knowing that I have made a contribution. I built this.

It got me wondering where else we draw meaningful highs from. I know another place I draw them from is running Design BIG Dreams. Building a business has been one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done. In fact so much so, I don’t think I could really explain how much more I have gotten out of the business than I ever dreamed possible. I know a lot of people have experienced the runner’s high or they get a high from exercise. I get a high from my marriage. I get a high from my religion and faith.

I think getting a high from my faith is the most important one that I can think of. It drives the rest of those highs. If I wasn’t inspired by faith, I doubt I would be married. Really, it is an empty institution without faith and religion. I am sure I wouldn’t have helped build Design BIG Dreams. In fact, I contest that every time we feel those highs we are feeling God’s will. I  feel that we are doing exactly what God has asked us to do.  I understand pleasure and satisfaction are just chemical reactions in our brain, but why do I take pleasure from building websites, but the author from writing?

I ask, what do you take pleasure in? What is God asking you to do?