A Couple “Days Off”

You know its just entirely too cold when you go on a trip to St. Louis and you think to yourself, “Wow, its 21 out what a nice day.” The problem is I don’t really handle being cooped up very well, and pretty much everything was shut down for two days. So, I reformatted our blog!  You’ll notice a couple new features, such as the author description at the bottom of the post. Also, we added a search feature and “Popular Posts” to the sidebar.

We are always driving home how it is so important to constantly be evaluating your digital presence, and keep pushing forward; creating opportunities to interact with you/your website. Overall the changes were very minor. However, it sets us up to be able to make much more extensive changes going forward with very little difficulty. We are starting to practice what we preach a lot better, and our hope is that these minor changes will grow into many more user features on our own site.