Working out to Feed the Hungry

fitbit-force-9to5mac-newIf you recall in my previous post I brought up that I was going to exercise more this year. Well, I meant it. I went out and got my Fitbit. I spent the extra money and grabbed the one with a watch (I figured if I’m already spending the money, it should also tell time, right?). I have had it for less than 24 hours, and I’m already starting to not even notice I’m wearing it.  Its pretty stylish too…

Again if you recall from my new years post, I wanted to give more back, and I had a strategy that already in place for the first steps for my efforts. I discovered that my Fitbit connects to the Weightless Project. In about 12 hours I’ve burned 710 calories AND donated 71 cents to fight hunger! I know, I know, 71 cents is nothing. However, is it really nothing?

Of course in this case I don’t agree at all. I literally did what I would normally do, and to reward my “efforts,” the hungry received 71 cents! Beyond that, if we look at the numbers a little closer, that was 71 cents in 12 hours (5 hours and 27 minutes of them were sleep — did I mention my Fitbit keeps track of my sleep patterns too?), so lets call that $1.50 for a full 24 hour day.  That translates into $547.50 over the course of a year…for doing nothing more than going about my day.

I am interested to see how the numbers will change as I start to get more active. What I do know is, the concept is so simple I wish I would  have thought of it.