Feisty Little Melon Farmer


You are probably asking yourself what a feisty little melon farmer is. In this case its referring to our future child. Our twenty week ultrasound was tonight, and it was amazing! At our first ultrasound our child was no more than a black and white peanut being looked at from outer space. Tonight, however, he/she was a feisty little melon farmer. First off, everyone is very healthy! Two arms, two legs, four heart chambers; everything was there! The doctor said that he/she is going to be big. However, none of that has anything to do with this post.

As you can tell my wife and I did not find out the gender of our baby tonight; we want it to be a surprise. For the purposes of the rest of the story, lets just call it he. He is a feisty little melon farmer! Every time the doctor stopped to show us how healthy he is, he moved, and not just a little bit.  Oh no, this baby was to the right then to the left the there was a juke and jumping jacks; he simply couldn’t sit still for more than 4 seconds.

It is amazing at only 20 weeks into our baby’s development he already is showing much like his parents he is. At one point the baby lounged out stretched his legs and crossed them. The doctor joked, which one of us crossed our legs like that? Well as it turned out, all three of our legs were crossed exactly like that at the same time. All three of us a feisty little melon farmers; and I sure am excited to meet him.