My New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s resolutions… I think we can all be honest with ourselves and admit that they really don’t make a lot of sense in today’s world. By the time we make a resolution some new technology or information will be introduced that tempts our resolve or sometimes even make the resolution irrelevant. At one time I believed in making goals instead of resolutions. However, as I’ve gotten a little older, I’ve realized that the blind pursuit of goals can have detrimental side-effects. Don’t get me wrong having a clear objective as to why we do what we do is critical, but it is longer going to be the sole focus.

I am taking a new approach this year. This year, I am going to make concerted efforts to make life-changes that make me a better person. 

I came to a realization this year that simply pursing goals is draining physically draining, exhausting, and emotionally void. Basically, this pursuit of goals was turning me into someone that I didn’t want to be and someone that I wouldn’t want to associate with. I’ve done a lot of reflection this past month on 2013; I was tired, frustrated, angry, short-tempered…a whole lot of things that I’m not. I asked myself, why, why was I all of these things. The answer is probably way to drawn out for this article, but I think I found the solution. You can’t fight frustration by setting a goal to not be frustrated. You can’t fight anger by just telling yourself to stop being angry. The way to win this battle is to make yourself a better person and everything else will follow. I have not quiet figured out yet what I will be doing to make myself a better person, but I have a few thoughts below:

I figured I should lead with this as I have just written quiet a lot about these efforts. I am going to blog this year. Sometimes my posts will be personal, some technical or business related, and sometimes just random. I am going to encouraged the DBD team to contribute to the blog in a regular basis too. I think there are a lot of great things that can come from sharing ideas, but to be perfectly honest, I think the biggest benefit will be to improve my writing/storytelling skills. (It may not be obvious yet, but it probably will be soon, that I am a terrible writer).

I am going to contribute more. Simply stated, I am going to get more involved in my local community. I have a strong feeling this will lead to me getting involved other ways, but my first effort is to becoming a contributing member to my local community (so watch out St. Joseph). I believe that this point maybe be the most interesting this year because its the only one that could literally take me in a direction that I can’t imagine.

Learn a New Language
This is the year I learn a Spanish. In fact, I’ve already started thanks to Duolingo. Cliche, yes. However, I’ve really enjoyed my first week with Duolingo, and really felt that it was important not to simply state that I’m going to learn Spanish, but to show you how you can too.

Ok, this list is digressing to banality, but again, I have a plan that I think is worth sharing. I found the Weightless Project through twitter, and was taken in by their mission. The idea of fighting hunger while at the same time combating obesity is pure genius (check out the site, it really is an interesting and simple concept). The best part is there is more, I found that the Weightless Project connects to various technologies that help keep track of your movements, so I discovered Fitbit. I think my plan is pretty self-evident at this point, but you can see how my original plan to exercise more has led me down an interesting and unexpected path.

I’m sure all of the things I do this year will evolve and change as the year goes on. Some may fall by the way-side; while others thrive and grow. Only time will tell where these things will lead me, but I if I succeed in making myself a better person, then there can be nothing but upside, right?