Technology and Fundraising from A to Z

We are going to start a fun alphabetical exercise! We are offering tips and advice for anyone interested in learning more about technology communications and fundraising!…

Let’s start with A..


“A” is for: Analytics, analytics, analytics….

We could go on for hours in regards to how important your analytics are to best communicate your message. What we have found is that even though you may be able to download or gather analytics, you might not know how to interpret those analytics and how to use them. Always check with us! We are available to go over any analytics you request, from email marketing to web page specifics, we can help you interpret the results and what they mean for your organization. Never forget to cover the analytics before making any assumptions on your audience or decisions that could impact your audience usage! Without analytics you will not be making smart and effective choices and a successful communications plan will integrate all types of analytics.

“B” is for branding!

Could you distinguish between the Apple logo and a Target logo? Of course you could! When you walk into either of those stores, its the same experience, same colors, signs, flyers, coupon layouts, etc- all the same, all the time. They have a solid brand- across all communication channels. Familiarity provides comfort for the user, legitimacy, recognition, quality, and all those other traits you know you are going to get out of either of these two companies. So, how about your organization? Do you have similar branding among all of your communication channels? Do you train your volunteers on your “brand,” encouraging them to be in sync with the organization’s mission? Even the simplest change across all channels can better your brand- rather it be utilizing the same color everywhere or how the title of your name appears on all communication pieces, either way- time to get started!