Why your site needs to be mobile friendly

I was reading an article the other day, from catholictechtalk  that referenced two images below:


What’s the major difference between the two pictures? Both were taken around the time of the conclave and the announcement of our new Pope, but do you notice the phones? How can you miss them?


The DBD team travels to quite a few parishes and religious organizations weekly for meetings with Pastoral Staff, executive directors, lay volunteers etc. All individuals who have a stake in the growth of the organization. What I find fascinating is when we start talking “tech.” It seems to start raising blood pressures or I notice people starting to wiggle uncomfortably in their chairs. Despite the uncertainty regarding the topic, I asked one group to lay their cell phones out on the table. I looked around at all of the phones in front of me. They were all smart phones and the users told me that they access their email and the internet frequently on the device. Interesting. We are so nervous to start talking about technology or creating a mobile friendly site, however the majority of us are utilizing the mobile friendly sites commonly!


Many of your donors and volunteers are constantly monitoring their interests, hobbies, or activities not just online, but on their phone. Can they access your site? How about accessing your site on their phone while still keeping the integrity of the site intact?


Your website needs to be mobile friendly in order to be accessible to the masses. If we want to continue to grow and meet people “where they are” we need to do just that. I am sure by the time you have read this article, you have at least checked your phone or accessed your email via your phone already once today….if not more.