Would Jesus have a Twitter account?


Would Jesus be the most technologically advanced staff member on your team? We think so!

The phrase “What Would Jesus Do” in reference to technology has a deeper meaning for us at Design BIG Dreams than people may realize. Just think about it, Jesus spoke to all who would listen. He never missed an opportunity to share his message. The 10,000+ crowds not only held believers, but skeptics. People who would misconstrue his message, doubt him, and only look to criticize. But, that didn’t stop him from sharing.

He spoke unwaveringly. He communicated with his people in any way possible. We doubt there was a time when Jesus said, “No, we can’t go there to preach- they won’t listen.”

Our faith is rooted in the “communication strategy” design by Jesus. From his disciples spreading the message to transcribing the written Word, if there is a way to communicate his message of love and hope, shouldn’t we try it? If he walked among us now, don’t you think he would find all the communication channels possible and utilize them to preach from the “hilltop?”

We commonly hear talk of the “New Evangelization,” but what is the purpose of the new evangelization if we are not open to implementing a digital evangelization?  What is behind the resistance to embrace technology? It could be fear. Fear that our message will be misunderstood. Fear that we would then engage critics. Fear that no one will listen…those must be the same fears that Jesus and his apostles experienced!

Think that Jesus didn’t have a PR team? Sure he did! The Apostles! As he would preach, so too would they ensure that the message was carried through the crowds, spoken with accuracy, truth and transparency. Today, we continue this work. We monitor, engage, and encourage online conversations of transformation and conversion. We are your PR team!

Our hope for the new Pope is that he embraces an “online hilltop” to gather, embrace, an inspire all in a new digital world!