Website Updating Zen

One of the best things about Design BIG Dreams is just how easy we make it to keep your website up-to-date.  The peace of mind knowing someone is always taking care of your website is a pretty good feeling, and we want to ensure that you can continue to have website updating zen. We wanted to draw attention to the best practices for sending us updates. That way, we can make sure we are making your edits perfect the first time, every time, so you can keep your inner peace .

1. Always Include the Web Address

Probably the easiest ways to ensure that we are making the correct edits is to include the URL for the page that your edit is need. The process to do this is very straight forward:

  1. Copy the web address from the URL bar (here’s a screen shot)
  2. Paste that into your email (it should look like this:

By including the web address you ensure that we are going to find the correct content on the correct page. Sweet!

2. Keep it Simple

We always want updating your website to be painless. To do that, we always say, “keep it simple.” There are a LOT of ways to do that, so I will highlight a couple easy ways to keep it simple:

  1. Give us a ring. If you have questions, call. We are always here to answer any questions you have or if the change you want to make just can’t be expressed via email. 
  2. Don’t be vague. I admit this is a bit more of keeping it TOO simple. What this refers to are edits like this: can you please fix the spelling of …. Although we are more than happy to fix the spelling, we do need some sort of frame for reference …. can you please fix the spelling of …. in the menu under…
  3. Whole paragraph rewrites. Every so often we get edits like this: please change the word …. to …. and then in the second sentence …. to … and so on. This leaves far too many opportunities for us to make a mistake. Consider copying the whole paragraph, changing the wording, and send it to us like this: change the third paragraph to the paragraph included below.  Easier for you; easier for us. Perfect!
3. Email Your Team Alpha

We can NOT stress this enough. The team is your lifeline. I love hearing from each and everyone of our clients, however, the VAST majority of edits are done by the Alpha team. They are fast, accurate, and they don’t bite. They are constantly monitoring the Alpha team email, so this is ALWAYS going to be your most reliable way of getting your edits done, always.


Remember, we are removing the hats for you so you can focus you energy and time on programs, ministries and Liturgies. Let us do the work for you and by following these simple steps, you will not be disappointed!