NEW! Persistent Form Fields

Ok, ok, so you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. The overall concept of persistent form fields is pretty straight forward. A user completes a form and specified form field(s) remain filled in while others reset. Still lost? No biggie, just fill out the form below and see what happens when you click submit.

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Ok, big deal, right?  Well yeah, this allows for a much smoother user experience for forms that need to filled out several times. Here are a couple of quick AND practical examples:

  1. Volunteer Registration – Lets say a family of four would like to sign-up for an event. Before, you had two options- a.) you have the whole family on one signup (terrible for data management), or b.) each person had to fill it out seperately. NOW, they fill out the family information once (persistent fields) and just the participants name resets when the form is submitted (reset fields).
  2. School Registration – Same concept as #1.The difference being that the persistent information would be parent information, and the reset info is for each child (parents with several children will LOVE this).
  3. Integration with EFT Corp. – This is more specific to our EFT users. However, this allows us to pass the information from your event registration onto EFT Corp., so they won’t need to enter their contact information in twice!

Really the possibilities a are endless, and this is a new tool in our tool belt.