I’ve got social media pages…now what do I write about?

Do you feel like you are always just adding events or room changes to your facebook page? Social media, especially facebook is a two-way street when it comes to utilizing this communication tool! How are you engaging your audience? Facebook is a way to engage and get feedback; it’s quite simply a conversation. Share a little bit about your work today, but ask them how their work is going? Let them in on a new program or ministry you might be trying out, but ask them if they would be willing to participate in something like it. Looking for some inspiration for the work you do daily? Ask your audience on Facebook- they will likely be more than able and willing to share why they are involved in your community!  Be willing to host a conversation!

Here are some ideas for social media content during Lent:

-The meaning of particular holy days during Lent (Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday etc.)
-Reach out to R.C.I.A. candidates to write a reflection on why they decided to become Catholic and why now
-At your next volunteering event, ask a participant to explain the impact of their work that day on themselves and the environment and post that reflection
-Daily Reflections/Prayers
-Daily Bible Verses- WITH reflection questions
-“Please join us in prayer…” and add in times for mass, adoration, special Liturgies etc.
-Ask Questions:

  • What are you giving up for Lent?
  • How are you participating in Lent in your household? Special prayers? Special Dishes?
  • What meat-free dishes are you preparing this Lent?
  • Have you been curious about (contemplative prayer, adoration, women’s club, etc.- just any program or ministry at your organization)? Join us at the next ____- all are welcome!
  • Do you have any special intentions we can pray for within our community?
  • Have a question for our Pastoral Staff? Post it!
  • Where do you find daily inspiration?
  • Are you new to (Organization) or interested in becoming a parishioner/member?
  • Do you have any questions about the Lenten Season unanswered? What are they?

-Do you have pictures of the community during mass or a program? Don’t forget to post them!
-Video a staff or key volunteer and have them discuss their ministry with an invitation to join them at their next event
-Describe a fun fact about who your organization is named after
-Describe a ministry or program each week- with contact information, recent event, pictures etc.