It’s not always about giving up…

Around this time every year, I have to wonder…how many of the people who made New Year’s Resolutions to come back to church or frequent mass more often have actually done so? Do organizations find themselves around this time of year acknowledging the possibility of this group of seekers? These individuals who may be trying to hold on to that resolution and make an effort to explore their faith more deeply. Isn’t Lent the perfect Season for this re-introduction to our faith?

I recently found myself in a conversation about “what I am giving up for Lent.” We all find ourselves in that conversation at one time or another. When I was in grade school at St. Thomas in Peoria, IL, I remember our very smart pastor opened my eyes with a new way of looking at Lent. It’s not always about what you give up, rather its about what you give.

So as I reflect on this season before us, I of course have to acknowledge the new faces you might come in contact with that are seeking out their own resolutions. How can we identify opportunities to give them nourishment? How can we ensure that we can give them a welcoming, friendly, engaging, spiritually enriching Lenten Season? During Lent we are called to give; give of ourselves for the betterment of all his people. If you are truly practicing Lent, consider how your community will give to your current seekers and how you can continue to give to those strangers who you have yet to meet.