How does your website reflect Advent?

Is your website reflecting the Advent Season?

Help your parishioners and constituents experience the season of Advent within your community, regardless if they can be present with you or not.

Here are some easy ways to bring the holiday season online! 

  • Be social! Be sure to include any social media outlets on your homepage, especially if you are updating them frequently with the season’s events and news. Utilizing social media engages a population that may be distant from the day to day events within your community, however you can always engage and inspire from afar. You never know who your message might reach!


  • Create a video message! Last year, St John of the Cross in Western Springs created a video message from the Pastor sending season’s greeting to his parishioners. It had click rates through the roof! The video message doesn’t always have to be a video of a person, we can also create word and picture videos to music (or not) that still can get a holiday message across without having to schedule time for filming.


  • Highlight your blessings! A great way to engage your parishioners and constituents on your website is to invite them to participate. Last year at St Thomas, we set up a “Christmas Blessings” wall that asked parishioners to add a reflection on what they were thankful for during the Season. Advertising these types of interactive elements are critical to their success. Make sure you place this type of feature in a prominent place like your homepage, so you get the best coverage. Have social media? Pose the question on that venue and you will be engaging a new audience.


  • Add pictures! Remember, people’s schedules are busy during this holiday season and they may not be able to attend each event. Include them in the excitement by making  sure you are taking pictures. Assign someone as the “photographer” for the event and then afterward, send us the pictures and we will get them up. Don’t forget to alert your community that new pictures are up, just in case they missed it.


  • Have a graphic created for the season or an event. Make sure you are utilizing your graphics each month. A custom graphic designed for the season is a great tool for your website, eblasts, bulletin etc. The graphic can help the user get a “feel” for the Advent season in your community and at the same time, the graphic can link to a page dedicated to the season with more information on events or programs.