Design BIG Dreams Advancement Advancement

Advancement is fundraising. Advancement is our word to describe the activities and strategies that help people participate in the mission. We believe that fundraising activities are not just opportunities to make an ask, but an opportunity to inspire giving. People give because they are inspired by the blessings they have been given, not because of obligation or an aggressive ask. We believe that with quality program and ministry, your story is best told and your participants will be inspired to contribute to ensure that the mission continues!

Why combine technology and advancement?

Because it is the very premise of our business. Design BIG Dreams began as a merger of two great fields, communications and advancement. Advancement strategies are simply that, strategies. Design BIG Dreams not only helps creates your plan but also has the ability to excute the vision of your campaign.

As the web becomes the dominant player in the way people communicate, your advancement strategies will rely on a combination of print and web.

Our philosophy is that your organization can’t have online giving without a website and you can’t have a website without online giving…don’t worry we cover both!