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#FFF Let’s Keep Talking Email Marketing…

Your Subject Line. So here’s the thing, how many times do you think you have sent out an eblast with the same subject line? Commonly, a different subject line might spark new interests and new opportunities for engagement.  Here are some tips for next week: 1. Even if it is an ordinary eblast, try changing…
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#FFF Let’s Start Talking Email Marketing…

Okay, I may have missed #FFF from 3/27, so I am catching up now! Lately we have been receiving lots of requests for help for regarding email marketing. So, I have decided to devote the next 5 weeks to discussing email marketing…or however many it takes. Let’s start with the basics: your list…j/k your list…
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#FFF Show don’t tell in your eblasts

Happy #FFF! I was super sick during the Easter, so I hope you will forgive me for bypassing a week here! Let’s talk photos not content in eblast. Often your audience find themselves skimming thru the content in an eblast, only to stop at an eye-catching photo. But is the photo that appealing? Are you…
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#FFF Tackling the Wish List

It’s almost Halloween and I have no costume. I am not a huge Halloween fan anyway. I am one of those warm, cozy, egg-nog, non-frightening types. Anyway, while my daughter has about 3 costumes in rotation this month, I have none. Not even a good option. I find every October at the beginning of the…
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#FFF: Capturing the Donation

Happy #FFF!! We need to take a serious look at our donation page. I am going to focus on one task, despite many that we can be doing to enhance our donation page. Is the donation page responsive or screen friendly? No, not just “mobile friendly,” I mean screen friendly. Here is a link to…
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#FFF: Evaluate Your Welcome Message

Happy #FFF!! So, “Welcome” messages…here is the thing, they don’t get much traction. Let’s think about it this way, if you were to walk into an open house with your realator, what is the one thing they always hand you? The brochure. What is the one thing you are always ignoring? The brochure. Okay, okay,…
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#FFF: Evaluate Yourself

Happy #FFF!!! Often we marketers and fundraisers tend to be overly critical of our constituents. Why don’t they give more? Why won’t they get involved? How come no one is interacting with my site? Next week, let’s look at our own reasons for volunteering and philanthropy by examining one organization in which we engage currently.…
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#FFF: Upside Down “Thank You” Notes

Dovetailing off the #FFF last week (if you missed the post last week, that means Fast Forward Fridays) let’s take the donor pyramid and flip it over again! 1. Take a letter that you write to your major donors 2. Read it as if you addressed it to your core (middle-level donors) 3. Send that…
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#FiveforFriday Continues

Take some time for yourself today. Immerse yourself in one of these images, spend time in prayer, escape from the demands on your desk. Let us rejuvenate each other in our vocations and our ministries in which we serve. Please share and use these graphics with your ministry teams, staff, or friends.    
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#FiveforFriday Series Launch!

Let’t be honest, working for the Church isn’t always easy. Rather you are a Church volunteer, work for a Diocese, are lay or vowed, or work for a religious organization, sometimes our jobs can be draining. With Lent and the flurry of spring activities knocking on our door, it is easy to get overwhelmed, swamped, in…
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0 – 500 Contacts

List management, unlimited e-blasts for up to 500 contacts, and e-blast open and bounce reporting.
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1000 Tickets Completed!

Today marks a small accomplishment. We crossed our 1000th ticket today. Although relatively minor, I think it is a bit more significant when it gets broken down a bit more. That is approx 31 tickets per day and about 4 every hour. Those 1000 tickets have generated 1658 touches We handle almost double the amount…
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2,501 – 5,000 Contacts

List management, unlimited e-blasts for up to 5,000 contacts, and e-blast open and bounce reporting.
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24 Hour Assurance

Design BIG Dreams staff understands the time sensitive needs of nonprofits. We GUARANTEE that all of your updates will be reflected within 24 hours of the request submission. Our dedicated staff is here to make updating your website as simple and straight forward as possible.
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4 Innovative Ways to Leverage Technology at Your Special Event

  When was the last time you were discussing your annual special event and a innovative idea came up? Or was the conversation planning repetitive from last year with a date change? While special events get into a good rhythm with all the latest in technology are there ways to leverage new tools and ideas…
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5 Reasons Why Your “Donate Now’ Button Isn’t Working

1. If you only have 10 seconds to capture their attention, at least 2-3 seconds should be committed to the ease of contributing. A “Donate Button” is always preferred over linked text. Need more proof: You Have 10 Seconds to Grab Their Attention 2. Embed the “Donate Now” process or you are still in 2006.…
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5 Tips to Holy Hospitality

Look for the “lost sheep.” Have your greeters on the look-out for unfamiliar faces, visitors, people who are alone and make sure they are greeted in a welcoming and friendly manner. We must remember, this might be their first time in a while at your parish, give them an experience of welcome, hospitality, community that…
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5,001 – 10,000 Contacts

List management, unlimited e-blasts for up to 10,000 contacts, and e-blast open and bounce reporting.
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501 – 2,500 Contacts

List management, unlimited e-blasts for up to 2,500 contacts, and e-blast open and bounce reporting.
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A Couple “Days Off”

You know its just entirely too cold when you go on a trip to St. Louis and you think to yourself, “Wow, its 21 out what a nice day.” The problem is I don’t really handle being cooped up very well, and pretty much everything was shut down for two days. So, I reformatted our…
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