About Us

Design Big Dreams was created to offer an affordable solution to graphic design needs for non-profit organizations.  We had this BIG DREAM that all non-profits had websites that were professional and inexpensive to maintain.

Where We Came From:
Before the inception of Design Big Dreams, our team worked in several non-profits throughout the city of Chicago holding a wide range of titles.  Our staff represents many years of experience working within the unique culture of non-profits, so we bring our first-hand experiences to better help organizations tackle the challenges that they face.

The Need:
Not so long ago, while working for a non-profit on the West Side of Chicago, there was a realization: People will take advantage of anyone! Even Charities! That is unacceptable. That is where we come in.  There simply was a shortage of quality products available at an affordable price.  So…We made our own.

Where We’re Going:
We are making the web relevant and beautiful for non-profits one website at a time.  We continually strive to add the most relevant functions and advice for our organizations, and we do it while keeping our costs as low as possible.  We yearn, yes yearn, to take your website to the “next level,” so that your site can become a giving tool and revenue generator.